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Aethellis has the soaring majesty of classic symphonic rock and incorporates a contemporary rhythmic feel along with asymmetrical meters and polytriad harmonies. And the occasionally catchy hook!

Aethellis signed a record deal with US Label Melodic Revolution Records for the release of the new album Northumbria which was released on December 20th 2011. Northumbria has a more eclectic, pyrotechnical, aggressive feel with plenty of vocal harmonies.The debut Aethellis album was spearheaded and recorded in 2002/2003 by classically trained keyboardist/vocalist/hack guitarist/Narcissist Ellsworth Hall and has many influences including rock, classical, synth pop, funk, jazz and even hip-hop. This either represents wide tastes or an inability to focus. He puts this genre wanderlust to good use in his soundtrack work with Ellsounds.

Band Members

Ellsworth Hall: Keyboards, Vocals & Guitar
Mark Van Natta: Guitars & Vocals
Erik Marks: Bass Guitar
Chris Marks: Guitar
Mike Harrington: Drums
Joseph Dwyer: Sax


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A Home In Your Thoughts (2017) Digital Only
Northumbria (2012) CD &  Digital 
Aethellis (2008) CD &  Digital

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