Short Bio

Simon James Talbot: “Born out of the ashes of the covers band The Sun Room, Halo is ever evolving, very much like our music in fact”.

The Halo sound itself is really hard to categorize as well, as the musician’s influences are so wide and diverse. We like to call it “Cross-Over Progressive Rock” because we think all of genres of this great music are hit in our songs. When one listens to Halo its really nice to hear the influences mentioned before, but put across in their own style, each song tells a story of life today, the good, the bad and the broken.

Outside the band the music has been described by critics as Rock, Progressive, Alternative and even English Grunge! We think it’s that and more. A question that many people ask us constantly is How did Halo start? Well band vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Simon Talbot became friends with Robert Furman, lead guitarist and Ashley Turner bass through “Join my Band”, a kind of dating site for musicians looking for other musicians! “I remember, recalls Simon, I had to write to Rob twice because at first he didn’t think the Halo sound really suited him, but I managed to talk him into it and since then he has added a real edge to our sound. Ash came from the same source and was band-less at the time, and just fitted so easily into the Halo Project with ease, it’s almost like he’s always been there!”

Recent recruits to the band has seen the arrival of James Noon on drums and Paul Wiffen on: Guitars & Keys, making the the band a four piece outfit. Halo are currently in rehearsals for live performances both in home town London and at other venues in the UK and Europe…

The London Fab Four will also be shortly re-entering the studio to record their much anticipated and awaited full length debut album, The Halo Effect.

Band Members

Simon Talbot: Guitars & Vocals
Ashley Turner: Bass Guitar
James Noon: Drums
Paul Wiffen: Guitars & Keys


Remembrance (2014)
Nights And Days (2012)