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Short Bio

Peter Matuchniak favors a progressive style of guitar that features melodic solos and graceful chording, clearly influenced by the likes of Steve Hackett (Genesis), Dave Gilmour (Pink Floyd), Andy Latimer (Camel) and Mike Oldfield. Always drawn more to composition and melody above pure technique and over-indulgence, Peter Matuchniak lets sounds and textures guide the music first and foremost.

His compositional style draws from the varied genres he was exposed to at home: a brother into jazz-rock, a sister listening to the latest radio hits, and parents who raised them all on classical music. But the basic element is always progressive rock, and Peter Matuchniak has played with a number of bands in this genre that have garnered attention and reviews, both in London where he grew up as well as in his adopted Southern California home.

Peter has released two studio solo albums a live digital album a DVD as well as albums with Gekko Projekt and Evolve IV, receiving enthusiastic reviews from around the world (the latter winning a Grindie Award from RadioINDY). Back in the 1980’s Peter was part of the so-called neo-progressive rock movement with Janysium and Mach One (that were represented by Keith Goodwin, press agent for Yes, Marillion and Rod Argent). He also wrote and recorded jingles in Bombay for commercials that were aired on Indian TV with high-profile artists and accounts, with one such ad winning a CLIO award for public safety.

Band Members

Peter Matuchniak: Guitar
Paul Mouradjian: Keyboards
Scott Connor: Drums
Steve Bonino: Bass
Natalie Azerad: Vocals
Alyssa Matuchniak: Vocals
Ted Zahn: Vocals
JoJo Nakano: Sax


Orange County, California

Style of Music

Progressive Rock, Adult Contemporary Rock, Jazz, Pop

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Discography Solo

A Live Destination (2015)
A Live Destination Video (2015) Free with CD
Destiny (2014)
Uncovered Live in L.A. (2014)
DVD Uncover Me CD (2012)

Latest Release

With Gekko Projekt

Reya of Titan (2015)
Electric Forest (2012)

Gekko Projekt Links

| Website | Gekko Projekt |

Side Projects

Marco Ragni – The Wondering Caravan (2018)
Transport Aerian – Therianthrope (2017)
Marco Ragni – Land of Blue Echoes (2016)



Press & Media Contact
Nick Katona