Melodic Revolution Records has a long-standing tradition of helping those in need, no matter where they are on our planet. This is why we feel so strongly about our latest charity release “A Lack of Empathy: The American Dream” this will be our 6th Natural Disaster Charity, we wish it were not so for it saddens us greatly that there is so much need and so few resources. Our release features a diverse array of artists from around the world. 

“A Lack of Empathy: The American Dream” should see a digital release in the next week or two via our not-for-profit charity label There Is Hope Records more on this as the artists are confirmed. 
The purpose of this release is not only to help raise funds and help for friends, neighbors and the families of Texas, but it’s also designed to keep an eye of awareness on Texas long after the media moves its focus onto another sound bite.

There will be two ways people can receive a copy of “A Lack of Empathy: The American Dream”.
1.) People can donate proceeds/purchase a copy of the digital only album from the There Is Hope Records Bandcamp Store, all money from sales minus Bandcamp/PayPal service charges go to Music For Relief.

2.) We will give out a free copy for anyone that sends us proof of helping those in need whether it be a donation receipt to a local charity/charity of their choice or a photo of them on the ground helping out in some way.

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