We are thrilled to announce this year’s “FREE” streaming release, “A Year In The Revolution 2020” is now out. It’s our annual best-of Melodic Revolution and PeacockSunrise Records compilation. The album features 22 Tracks by 22 Artists from 22 releases. 

Also as a bonus, we will be giving out a limited number of this digital album at random with the purchase of any Melodic Revolution / PeacockSunrise Records release. This offer is extremely limited and exclusively for our customers via our Bandcamp stores. You may also purchase the individual tracks that you like.

We always feel this may be our best and most diverse annual sampler to date, but you be the judge.

2020 held much promise until March 2020 rolled around, this was the beginning of many hardships due to the Covid19 Epidemic. This has been especially hard on the music industry including bands, studios, and labels. Concerts and festivals have been canceled all over the world. Many of our favorite record stores, venues, clubs, and bars have shut down… and many will never return.

On the bright side, many of our artists have taken advantage of this time to write and create new videos, record new music, and even hone their social media skills, family time, and of course, binging, (LOL). That said, the future does look a bit brighter, as there are now vaccines that have been approved around the world, this will help elevate some of the stress and put us on the road to recovery.

With that said on behalf of the MRR & PSR family, thank you for your support and we would like to wish every one of you and your families a very Happy New Year!


Blake – Tears – Remembering The Future
Cassette & Digital Album Released August 24, 2020 
PeacockSunrise Records

Sun King Rising – Free Will In China Blue (Bonus Track) Delta Tales
CD & Digital Released October 30, 2020
PeacockSunrise Records

The Gardening Club – Strange Kingdom 
Digital 2 track EP Released October 16, 2020
Melodic Revolution Records

Peter Matuchniak – Gentle Bird – Sessions
CD & Digital Album Released September 25, 2020 
Melodic Revolution Records

Petri Lindström Project – Las Flores Estancia – Imaginary Soundtrack
CD & Digital Album Released October 9, 2020 
Melodic Revolution Records

Marco Ragni – Tales of Ordinary Madness – If
CD & Digital Album Released November 28, 2020
Melodic Revolution Records

Tony Romero’s Vortex – Mellowship – Noise Machine
CD & Digital Album Released December 26, 2020
Melodic Revolution Records

Murky Red – No Woman
Digital Single Released October 7, 2020 
Melodic Revolution Records

Scarlet Hollow – Adventures In The Kings Garden – A Window To October
CD & Digital Album Released March 1, 2020  
Melodic Revolution Records

Sonic Divide – When it Bleeds – The Other Side
CD & Digital Album Released March 31, 2020 
Melodic Revolution Records

Potter’s Daughter – We Could Be – casually containing rage
CD & Digital Album Released September 15, 2020
Melodic Revolution Records

Andres Guazzelli – Hyperactivity – Atypical
Digital Album Released October 31, 2020  
Melodic Revolution Records

Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius – Storm Surge
Digital Single Released October 2, 2020 
Melodic Revolution Records

AmuZeum – Naysayer – New Beginnings
CD & Digital Album Released April 17, 2020 
Melodic Revolution Records

Steve Bonino – The Day The World Stopped – The Most Beautiful Feeling
CD & Digital Album Released September 4, 2020 
Melodic Revolution Records

Transport Aerian – Big Heart
Digital Single Released February 14, 2020
Melodic Revolution Records

Babal – Shall Not Fade Into The Night – Dreams For Imaginary Puppet Shows
CD & Digital Album Released September 4, 2020 
Melodic Revolution Records

Phoen1x – Home of the Brave – Immaterial Witness
CD & Digital Album Released October 23, 2020
Melodic Revolution Records

Kinetic Element – Epistle (Live) – Live From New
CD & Digital Album Released October 23, 2020 
Melodic Revolution Records 

Time’s Forgotten – City
Digital Single Released January 17, 2020
Melodic Revolution Records

Thoughts Factory – The Burden – Elements
CD & Digital Album Released January 24, 2020 
Melodic Revolution Records

86 Bullets – Burn
Digital Single Released March 1, 2020
Melodic Revolution Records

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