Well folks it’s that time of the year, that’s right “A Year In The Revolution Alchemy 2013” is now ready for streaming.

This is our third radio promo sampler, but it’s also available for you the music fan to check out. It’s our way of saying thank you for supporting our artists and a great way to discover the ones you have never heard of before.

Our artists have worked very hard at creating the best music possible for your enjoyment, we hope that you will listen, enjoy and share this link with your all your friends. “A Year In The Revolution Alchemy 2013” includes 14 of our artists and 14 incredible tracks ranging from Acoustic, Rock, Prog and Metal.

1. Progeland – Solar Boat 06:48
2. Amadeus Awad – Noir 06:33
3. Sunshine & Bullets – Believe 04:51
4. Phil Naro – Somewhere Out There 04:48
5. Murky Red – I Pay The Devil 03:18
6. Luigi Milanese – Flower Of Lust 05:00
7. Andy John Bradford’s Oceans 5 – Invictus The Captain Of My Soul 04:59
8. Kracked Earth – Can’t Get Over You (2013) 03:08
9. AzaZello – Live To See Tomorrow 05:15
10. Unified Past – Hot 05:01
11. DDRIVE – Rock It 03:49
12. Oceans of Time – Show Me The Way 04:15
13. Andres Guazzelli – Wish You Could Hear 12:25
14. Radio Free Universe – Happy 02:45

The album is available HERE

December 21st 2013

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