Melodic Revolution Records is pleased to announce the debut album by ‘Alex Grata & Anton Darusso Brothers In Arms’ will be available for pre-order in January 2017

The CD will feature 13 tracks in total, 12 original compositions, 2 of which will be sang in Russian and 1 cover song, originally recorded by and released by Gorky Park. Digital album will not include bonus tracks

Track Listings
01) Nothing to Hide (03:58)
02) Blind (02:13)
03) It’s Time for Love (04:56)
04) Drops of Compassion (03:21)
05) Frozen Tears (04:52)
06) So Many Ways to Go (04:05)
07) When the Music’s Over (04:02)
08) Super Hero (03:18)
09) Keep the Fire Burning (03:40)
10) Angel Like You (03:23)

CD Only Bonus Tracks
11) Ocean (Gorky Park Cover)
12) Drops of Compassion (Russian Version)
13) In God We Trust (Russian Version)

Written & Produced by Alex Grata & Anton Darusso
Mixed by Alex Grata
Artwork by Ed Unitsky

About Grata & Darusso Brothers In Arms Project
Our rock-music project called “Brothers In Arms” is our powerful ‘arms’ – we’ve got the songs and music that are created to win people’s hearts. The album is our “weapon of mass creation,” that was written with participation of different great and well-known (also not so well-known…yet) rock musicians. The project “to be continued” and were sure that many different and very interesting musicians will join the Great Idea.

The birth of ‘Brothers In Arms’ happened in 2012 with Alex Grata and Anton Darusso who got together to work on a few songs, soon they realized that concentrating on just a few songs was very hard, however this working relationship created great inspiration and the idea and philosophy of Brothers was born during this work.

We asked different musicians and friends to join us during the making these songs the result was a full album! We love how the album turned out and hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.


Media Contact
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