Middle-Eastern rock artist Amadeus Awad has been working on  a major project, a prog metal rock opera called Book of Gates. Amadeus has assembled some of the best musician in the middle east as well as a whole cast of guest musicians.

So here it is a demo mix of the title track from Amadeus Awad’s EON upcoming release The Book Of Gates.

– Russell Allen (Symphony X) on Vocals.
– Amanda Somerville (Trillium – Avantasia – Epica) on Vocals.
– Elia Monsef on Vocals.
– Kevin Moore (OSI)on Keyboards.
– John Macaluso (Ark) on Drums.
– Dan Veall on Bass.
– Amadeus Awad on Guitar.

Listen Here > https://soundcloud.com/amadeusawad/the-book-of-gates-full-song