La Balada del Viento y el Tiempo has been digitally released worldwide on Today June 18th. 2019

La Balada del Viento y el Tiempo is now available via all the popular digital retailers; Amazon, Bandcamp, CD Baby, Deezer, Google Music, iTunes, Spotify, and Tidle and everywhere inbetween.

The new track is a 2 minute + piano jazz ballad was inspired by the poem “Размышления о ветре и времени” (trans. “Reflections on wind and time“) by Russian poetess Anastasía Romanova and portrays the struggles of two monumental and transcendental forces: the Wind, fierce, untamed and unpredictable, and Time, immutable, unchanging, eternal. It’s short and sweet, yet intense.

Reflections on Wind and Time (Adapted to English)

“The fusion of two vastly different phenomena. The steadiness of time and the suddenness of wind. Wild element and continuity. What happens when they meet? Can they be together? Time flows and will flow forever. It is everywhere, so delicate, perfect, simple and wise. Time simply is. The Wind is instantaneous: it appears and then it is gone. You cannot keep up with it; it is impossible to find.

The wind comes only to seek shelter and escape from the loneliness. Despite its tremendous strength and bravery, it is always alone. Homeless. The time it’s its place to soothe down, at least for a moment. Time is measured, steady and calm. It placidly waits for the wind to dissolve in it. But then, time is destabilized; it slows down, it speeds up, it freezes. Time loses its objectivity. And the wind, surrendered, transmutes from a hurricane into a gentle breeze. These precious moments of breeze, in which wind and time reunite; a surge of energy so strong it could split the sky in half.

They want to be together and could be together, but the wind has to leave, again. It is in its nature. Time is free of everything except for itself. The energy within its core is stronger than itself. The wind is torn apart, worn out. Reaching out for peace yet not finding any. It needs Time again: its greatness and immensity. Time has no need to rush nor deviate. There is only one path for it, and it is constant, steady. Time is always waiting; it knows how to wait. It needs the wind to ultimately feel alive. They should be together. They need each other. Together, they are one. Together, they are invincible. Steadiness and perpetual motion. They are perfect together. They are perfect.”
Anastasía Romanova

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