It’s been seven years since the critically acclaimed album Return to Mingulay was released by what many considered as a supergroup, the original lineup consisted of Folk-pop artists Andy John Bradford, Colin Tench (Corvus Stone, BunChakeze, The Minstrel’s Ghost, CTP) Guitars, Stef Flaming (Murky Red)Bass Guitar, Victor Tassone (Unified Past) Drums & Percussion, Marco Chiappini (The Minstrel’s Ghost, CTP & Gandalf’s Project) Keyboards, + special guests Lorelei McBroom Vocals: (Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones & Rod Stewart), Andres Guazzelli): Piano & Orchestration (Solo, Corvus Stone).

Many of the songs such as Empty Hands, Fly Away, The Mingulay Boat Song did very well and helped build the bands brand, the singles were released for promotional use on internet radio and throughout social media, however, 6000 Friends was their biggest hit featuring Lorelei McBroom

Critics Impressions of Return to Mingulay
“It would not be out of the ordinary to hear Genesis, Pink Floyd, or even Jethro Tull play some of these songs. Andy John Bradford and Oceans 5 have created an excellent masterpiece that should be considered one of the best albums of 2013.”
– Bryan Morey – Progarchy

“Return to Mingulay” certainly has left an impression on me. Intense prog-folk-rock; a pinch of The Strawbs, a dash of Procol Harum, a touch of Emerson Lake & Palmer, and a whole lot of other stuff. A great album indeed!
– Rick Jamm – Jamsphere

The theme of the new album will be about Heroes of the past from the first world war, heroes through the ages, and the healers and the front line volunteers who are today’s heroes it will also be a tribute to our late friend Colin Tench.

Andy John Bradford’s Oceans 5, 2021 is…
Andy John Bradford: (Solo, Oceans 5) Vocals & 12 String Guitar, production
Steff Flaming Murky Red, Corvus Stone) Lead guitars 
Petri Lindström (Progeland, Petri Lindström Project, Corvus Stone, Colin Tench Project) Bass
Robert Wolf (Corvus Stone) Drums
Andres Guazzelli (Solo, Corvus Stone) Keys, Orchestration and Mixing  


Andy John Bradford Solo
The Elder Statesmen – Digital Album (2017) 
Come in Number 9 – Digital Single (2017) 
An Irish Lass – Digital Single (2015) 
Superman Where Are You? – Digital Single (2014) 
Join The Dance Digital Single (2008) self-released

Andy John Bradford Oceans5
The Return to Mingulay – CD & Digital (2013) 
The Mingulay Boat Song – Digital Single (2013) 
Empty Hands – Digital Single (2013) 
6000 Friends – DigitalSingle (2013)


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