Italian Multi-Instrumentalist Marco Ragni released “Hidden Sun” on April 15th, 2015 

Hidden Sun contains the alternate versions and demos songs taken during the recording sessions of the current album “Mother From The Sun” Recorded between March and November 2014. “Hidden Sun” will only be released digitally as a companion digital album to “Mother From The Sun

Track Listing
1. Into The Wheel Of Time / 09:35 2. The Flow 09:09 
3. Sea Of Vibes / 04:37 
4. Band Jam #31 / 02:20 
5. Far Beyond The Line (Part I) / 08:15 
6. Skies Painted By The Wind / 05:37 
7. In The Air / 04:42 
8. The Light Is Burning / 06:07 
9. Get Out Of Here / 04:08 
10. Faint Memory / 02:20

The Band: 
Marco Ragni: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Greek Bouzouky, Drums and Programming 
Enrico Di Stefano: Sax 
Davide Gazzi: Acoustic Guitar 
Luigi Iacobone: Flute 
Enrico Cipollini: Electric Guitar

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