“Watch Rome Burn” marks the sixth entry in their ongoing series of free digital releases. This track revisits themes of societal and individual complicity, drawing parallels between the fall of ancient Rome and contemporary human failings. Langley, the band’s lyricist, reflects on how historical patterns and mistakes continue to shape modern society, evoking the imagery of passive spectatorship and collective inaction with the line “with bright, sharp looks and stinking stares, and the millions march on through the narrowing gap”. The famous phrase “Et tu, Brute” is invoked to highlight themes of betrayal and downfall.

The concept behind this series is to release a new piece of music each month. These tracks were created from two days of improvisation sessions in November 2023, recorded live at BABALKastel. Unlike typically structured jams, these pieces are explorations in sound, often evolving organically based on the intuitive interplay among the band members, a process honed over their 20-year collaboration. Karen Langley’s vocals often guide the final arrangement of these tracks.

This innovative approach allows fans to experience the band’s creative process in real-time, offering a fresh and evolving soundscape with each release.

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In other news!

BABAL’s latest album, “Let’s Get Lucid,” represents perhaps their most fluid and fearless work to date. This ninth album delves into the exploration of alter-egos and inner conflicting personalities, presenting these themes through a series of beautifully flowing songs.

BABAL’s music has been honed and refined thought the years, resulting in songs that carry a strong sense of foreboding and eclecticism, elements that have become synonymous with the band’s distinctive style.

By navigating the complexities of the human psyche and its multifaceted nature, “Let’s Get Lucid” offers listeners an immersive experience, filled with the dynamic interplay and intuitive cohesion that characterize the band’s two-decade-long collaboration. The album stands as a testament to BABAL’s ability to push boundaries and continuously reinvent their sound.

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