Short Bio

The name Capricia is derived from the word Caprice: “a piece of music, usually fairly free in form and of a lively character. The typical capriccio is one that is fast, intense, and often virtuostic in nature”. The band has always felt that this is the word that best describes their musical philosophy. 

Capricia was formed in 2002 by guitar players Arnold Nesis and Eran Spira. They began the search for musicians to form a progressive metal band. In their endeavor to find Jerusalem’s top musicians, they found Amit Degrassy (Bass), Uria Mevurach (Keyboard) and Shmuel ushilov (Drums).

The first Project Capricia worked on was “24” – a 24 minute long song, telling the story of 24 hours in a person’s life. This complex and lengthy project took the band almost a year to write and rehearse.

In late 2003, when everything seemed to be going well, Capricia faced serious problems – Uria moved from Jerusalem to study music at the Sapir Academy and Arnold, Amit and Shmuel joined the army, as Israeli law requires. Despite all efforts, the band couldn’t find time to rehearse, and eventually split up. This seemed to be the end.

Yet, Arnold and Eran decided that there’s no reason to quit the best thing that they had created in their lives, and a year and a half later when Arnold was discharged from the army, they started working together on some new material. Although it was hard to begin to work together after a break of a year and a half, a few months later it seemed natural, and they started working on the “Annular Eclipse” rock opera, and aim to produce a demo soon.

They both decided to go and study music in “Rimon” – College of Jazz and Contemporary Music in Israel and to revive the band. Due to the time that was needed to work on the complex materials of the band, and the strict musical beliefs of the two it took a long time to find the players who will fit into the band, but at the end, that have formed the band that you see today.

Sadly for Capricia, Eran found the love of his life in U.S.A, and moved the to marry and study in “Berklee”. Still, Eran is an important part of the group, and maintains a connection with us all, and is involved in the doing of Capricia.

Besides the band members, Capricia works with many classical, metal and jazz artists from Israel and abroad such as Vidi Dolev, Mexican singer Malinaly Reyes (Fractalia), Mexican singer Isadora Cortina, and many others who are soon to be revealed.

After years of work, Capricia has finally found its members – a simple task for a regular Metal band, but a difficult one with the musical and time demands that Capricia has to contend with. Capricia is determined to realize its vision of producing true theatrical progressive metal music, with professional musicians both from within the band and from other sources, combining classical composition with metal.

Band Members

Shelly Sheaffer: Vocals
Mihael Galperin: Bass guitars
Eden Bahar: Drums
Mickey Zaltman: Guitars
Arnold Nesis: Guitars
Doron Frankenberg: Keyboards


Fooled By The Hush (2011)