It has been three years since the passing of Colin Tench who passed away peacefully on Dec 27, 2017, due to natural causes.

Colin was 63 years old and had just released his 2nd Colin Tench Project album, “minor Masterpiece” just 3 days earlier. Anyone that knew or had worked with him could definitely tell you that Tench was an under-rated guitarist and an exceptionally talented musician who was charismatic and witty. Colin was well respected and loved, he was a rare breed a friend, and mentor to so many.

According to Tench
“I love music. I hate music by numbers. If there is one album I consider to be a template of how to do things, The Beatles White album would be it. Something I realized recently, is that I am not a fan of the genre we call “Prog”. If I list every piece of music I love, all of it falls into that genre tho’! There is a reason. Almost none of my favorite music was aimed at a prog market. It didn’t exist! Did Genesis, Zappa, Steven Wilson, Beethoven, Pink Floyd design prog albums? Nope! Neither will I ever want to.

Jack Potter – Pride Before the Fall – (Self-Released) June 1, 2018
Colin Tench Project – minor Masterpiece (Waters Records) December 24, 2017
Murky Red – No Pocus Without Hocus (Special CD Edition) (Melodic Revolution Records) December 21, 2016
Coalition – Bridge Across Time (Self Released) October 7, 2016
Karibow ‎– Holophinium – Progressive Promotion Records (March 26th, 2016) 
Marco Ragni – Land Of Blue Echoes (Melodic Revolution Records) March 21, 2016
Murky Red – No Pocus Without Hocus (Melodic Revolution Records) December 26, 2015
Corvus Stone – Corvus Stone Unscrewed July 28th, 2015
Corvus Stone – Corvus Stone II (Melodic Revolution Records) September 30, 2014
Andy John Bradford’s Oceans 5 – Return to Mingulay (Melodic Revolution Records) October 7, 2013
The Minstrel’s Ghost – The Road To Avalon (Melodic Revolution Records) December 12, 2012
Murky Red – Time Doesn’t Matter (Melodic Revolution Records) November 27, 2016
Corvus Stone – Corvus Stone (Melodic Revolution Records) November 26, 2012
Odin of London -The London Tapes  (Self Released) 2011
BunChakeze – Whose Dream? (Self Released) December 12, 2010

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