June 1st 2024

Colouratura, an art rock trio from the Ohio Valley, USA, just reissue their fourth album “WTF Was That?!” on vinyl on Melodic Revolution Records (Amplified Distribution). Sporting a fresh new mix from bandleader and producer Ian Beabout, “WTF Was That?!” is a varied and ambitious record inspired by West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania life and folklore. 

The band consists of Ian Beabout (flute, synths, backing vocals, production), Nathan James (bass, vocals, piano), and Derek Pavlic (guitars, viola, mellotron, synths, glockenspiel, vocoder), aided by distinguished guests including Refestramus’ Derek Ferguson (drums and percussion), plus talented friends including drummer Dave Trik of Brimstone Coven, and Chris Boros (mellotron). The name, Colouratura was conceived by Nathan James as a metaphor on the various stylistic shifts implemented by the band – together they draw on the likes of metal, prog, pop, funk and folk music. 

About the album’s production and vinyl reissue, Beabout says that remixing the vinyl has “given our album new life! Thanks to this sonic overhaul I feel it better represents what we all had in mind when writing and recording it, because when we finished the album for CD and digital release, I was limited by a dying MacBook. When I upgraded my production gear and software, I felt it was a good time to revisit the sonics of the recording. I think it now has a fuller, more robust sound.” 

The vinyl has a beautiful presentation, including a light blue splatter design and a full color insert with the band photo. An unboxing video can be viewed here or on Beabout’s YouTube Channel

Songs from the new vinyl mix can be heard on Bandcamp.

“The original version will always be the canonical one, it is the one on streaming,” says Beabout, “but to me the album is finally finished and it is something I’m very proud of.” 

What the press are saying.

“Honest ‘70s-style rock music with nods to early Wishbone Ash, early Tull and Traffic even as hints of Alice In Chains, Soundgarden and Anekdoten creep in here and there. A thoroughly satisfying listen!”
-Steve Roberts, ZNR Records

“The band’s music is more progressive than progressive. The album offers a sound that is more like so-called ‘mixture rock’ than ‘progressive rock,’ as if their musical tastes are all stewed together. What awaits the listener after listening to the playful and free-spirited arrangements, which will betray the listener’s expectations? This is a work that you should definitely hear for yourself.”
– CDs Vinyl Japan Store

“The results are vertiginous– blissed-out and blessed in the music’s festive concern: let’s just hope the ‘was’ in ‘WTF Was That?!’ doesn’t mean this record is the group’s last.”
– Dmitry Epstein, dmme.net review

“This does not seem like a modern recording at all, as there is something about it which cries analogue as opposed to digital and playing a download just seems wrong as this should be vinyl, nothing less. This is music which has been allowed to breathe and move in whatever direction it needs to.”
– Kev Rowland, ProgArchives Review

“This is their fourth release and they are making waves with their ‘off the wall’ music and sounds. I find this to be a real treat for all listeners. I must admit, they have a great ’70s sound, Are they true hippies in 2023?”
– Jim Allford, Steel Notes Magazine 

“Takes the music seriously, but it doesn’t take itself seriously!” 
– Jason Berry, CatSynthTV

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