Melodic Revolution Records Recording artist Corvus Stone are self releasing their 3rd album Unscrewed as a digital only release for a short time as a thank you to fans who have purchased either of their two very successful release’s Corvus Stone and Corvus Stone II. For those people that have never purchased a Corvus Stone they can pre-order the new digital album Unscrewed at a very special price and receive the song “Brand New Day” in advance of the release.

In the words of Corvus Stone:

This Album Is A “Thank You” For Our Fans & On Sale To Everybody Else.
It started life, as a combination of unplugged new music and remixed old music but it has become something much bigger. A full blown album!

When we made the debut Corvus Stone album in 2012, we started out with no drummer. Rob came to us in time to do a selection of tracks but not many. Now we have gone back to some tracks from that album and refreshed, changed, extended or just added Rob on drums. The result is quite startling. Robert Wolff was a little buried on album 1 and now we have fixed that. Robert must never be buried again!

The Transformed
Early Morning Call was an instrumental piece on Corvus Stone II, that Sean Filkins wanted to sing to when he heard it back in 2014. He even recorded his vocals before it was released but we decided it should remain an instrumental for that album. Instead, it would be released as a single in 2015. When Phil Naro heard it, he insisted on adding a second vocal line, multi-harmonies, doo wops & Di di di dum dums. The combination of Sean and Phil is perfect and has transformed this song totally. All guitars are new also for this. It is now Early Morning Calls.  Scary Movie has doubled in length and has that great band interaction feel in the new sections Cinema(Parts 1 &2) are now tighter, way more dynamic and have had many small changes and additions, including Rob on drums. Lost and Found is now twice the length, as Blake Carpenter always wanted it to be. It has gained a lot of new vocals, a second drummer and a lead break! Now it is has lived up to it’s real potential. After Solstice has had changes in the drums and an extensive remix.

The New
Brand New Day is a full bore new rock track featuring its own video and we are very proud of this one! Pack up your Truffles is a kind of unplugged piece but it is exactly right for this jazzy laid back number. Landfill is almost unplugged, with lighthearted percussion and some well placed drums just when they would make the most impact. Joukahainen (A character from an epic Finnish poem), is clearly Organ and guitar heavy but still unplugged for the most part. The drums that do appear (as in Landfill), are played by Paul Marshall. A Brit living in Australia whose claim to fame was getting a thumbs up from AC/DCs Bon Scott, when playing Whole Lotta Love & Sabre Dance in his very first band with a young Colin Tench, in a Sydney wine bar, in 1979.

The Old
Horizon and JussiPussi are now tighter and more dynamic.
Only a limited amount of re-recording here. Moustaches in Massachusetts is here as a bonus track because it is essentially unchanged except for a remix. Play this one loud and you should hear why we did it!

Sonia Mota has not only produced completely new artwork for this album but painted, frame by frame, an animated video for Mr Cha Cha.

Track List
01. Brand New Day (3.51) 02. Early Morning Calls (3.52) 03. Joukahainen Without Chips (2.53) 04. Horizon (Remix & some re-recording) (1.52) 05. Landfill (3.44) 06. After Solstice (Remix & some new drums) (4.05) 07. JussiPussi (Remix) (2.45) 08. Scary Movie Too (Imagine a live version of Scary movie. This could be it) (7.38) 09. Petrified in the Cinema Basement (Total reworking) (3.10) 10. Lost and Found Revisited (Extended version) (3.28) 11. Cinema Finale (New drums & total remix) (6.02) 12. Pack up Your Truffles (2.06) 13 BONUS TRACK: Moustaches in Massachusetts (Remix) (4.18)

ALBUM LENGTH: 49.46 including bonus track. 

This is a complete digital album release, on sale at all the usual outlets but we are not fans of re-mastering, re-jigging or remixing an album and asking for money from fans, for a repeat of anything they already bought. We decided from the outset, to give this album to all previous buyers of any Corvus Stone album for free in digital format. We will hunt them down, though’ we are unlikely to find them all but will advertise this fact everywhere that will allow us to. In reality, this album has a lot of new material. We will decide, from remarks, reviews and requests, if this album should be made in to a CD and or vinyl in late 2015.

The average dynamic range of this album is 13 and that puts it alongside anything from before the loudness war hell destroyed the sound of popular music. Some will say it sounds retro. Maybe it does but in general, that means more musical and who could not want that!! What does that mean to you personally? Turn your volume control up a tiny bit more. The effect: You can play it as loud as you can stand and never get a headache!

Note: A few have asked why we remixed tracks from album one. “We love it as it is!” they say.
The fact is that we also love the original album because it has a very friendly sound, a warm sound. There is no such thing as “wrong”, when dealing with sound. Now, these few tracks separated out, can have a very different feel and sound and match very well with the new tracks on here. Anyway, even the remixed tracks are way more than a remix! We would call this a perfect introduction to Corvus Stone. Please allow yourself to be the judge of that. Corvus Stone wish you all a great 2015 Colin Tench

Corvus Stone Are:
Pasi Koivu – Keyboards Colin Tench – Guitars, Backing Vocals & Percussion Petri Lindström – Bass Guitar Robert Wolff – Drums

Special Guests On Corvus Stone – Unscrewed
Sean Filkins – Lyrics and vocals on Early Morning Calls
Phil Naro – Second lyrics and vocals on Early Morning Calls
Blake Carpenter – Lyrics & vocals on Lost and Found
Stef Flaming – Composer, Vocals, additional Guitars and Keys on JussiPussi. Also, second Drummer on Lost and Found Revisited
Paul Marshall – Drums on Joukahainen & Landfill

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