In some ways this can be considered an older track that was released back in 2012 known as “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Screwed” but it’s much more than that. The original track was an instrumental and the 3rd release (single) by CTP. So what makes this version different? CTP enlisted the talents of Emmy Award Winning Vocalist Phil Naro (DDrive, Talas & Druckfarben to name a few) to not only sing but write lyrics for the new version. CTP felt this song had so much more to offer as vocal track, so there you have it and old song reborn. “Can’t See It Any Other Way” will be released on March 25th 2014

Who is CTP you may ask? CTP is the acronym for the Colin Tench Project which is a side project of Guitarist and Producer, well known for his work with Corvus Stone, Odin of London, BunChakeze, The Minstrel’s Ghost, Transmission Rails and Andy John Bradford’s Oceans 5.

“Can’t See It Any Other Way” will not only feature Phil Naro on Vocals but also the CTP band which consists of Gary Derrick: Bass (Odin of London & BunChakeze) Victor Tassone: Drums (Unified Past & Andy John Bradford’s Oceans 5) Marco Chiappini: Keyboards (Gandalf’s Project & The Minstrel’s Ghost) and last but not least Colin: Guitars and production.