Melodic Revolution Records is proud to announce that they have just struck a multi-album deal with UK Ambient Progressive Artist Darrel Treece-Birch

Veteran musician and keyboardist for Ten and Nth Ascension. Darrel Treece-Birch has been playing piano since he was a child. His first performance was on stage at the Fleetwood Marine Hall (Fleetwood, UK) in 1975 and through serendipity he would later find himself on that same stage in 2011 playing with Ten.

Treece-Birch’s music may be described as music to stir the soul and awaken the dreamer, a luscious mix of ambient and transient, atmospheric; sometimes esoteric, emotive and transportive, occasionally aggressive instrumental and lyrical progressive music. Never predictable and always fresh Treece-Birch has been writing music for more than 25 years. He has kept a core group of talented musicians in his inner circle to augment his solo offerings when he is not performing with the three other projects that he is involved in.

Celestial will be released on MRR at the end of September, this is a newly recorded and expanded digital only release recorded at 432 Hz tuning which lends a rich warm flavor to this stunning recording. The expanded edition will include six previously unreleased tracks which tells the story of human perception of our universe. 2016 will bring a whole new offering No More Time, a collection of music written by Treece-Birch that includes an impressive array of guest performers.

In a statement from Darrel Treece-Birch:
“I feel very proud to be part of the MRR family. It is of great importance to me that musicians should be supported and surrounded by like-minded people. Passionate about music (of all forms) and collectively supportive of each other’s artistic endeavours, whatever that may be.

Melodic Revolution has at its heart a rhythm that beats with a primary love for music. Of course it’s a business but the driving force for Nick and Jennifer and the bands on this label’s formidable roster is music. This is an amazing opportunity that has been offered to me and I will endeavor to reciprocate with the best I can offer. I feel honoured to be welcomed as I have into the MRR team and look forward to exciting times ahead. I have lots of music to share, so let’s get started. Prog On!”

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