Short Bio

DC Snakebuster is a one-man band.
He was already occupied with music at a very young age, by the time he was 11, he was attending music school learning to play the violin. When he was 14, he had his own radio show at the local radio station and not soon after that he took up the drums. By this time Frank already knew he had to do something and take his love of music further — his whole body lived and breathed music! Together with friends, he was involved in several hard rock bands and after time he wanted to take it a step further by trying to play everything himself. He experimented with many things, soon Frank would become familiar with many various instruments.

A few years ago he discovered the cigar box guitar and the one-man band was quickly born. Next Frank took his music to the streets and was soon discovered by the public, followed by performing at various festivals and even a tour through France.

Musical Description

Musical Heroes are Honored
Pumping Guitar Grooves
Thumping Foot Drums
A Hypnotic Voice
And a Howling Harp
Boogie Roots …

Band Members

Frank Declercq


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DC Snakebuster – Self Titled (2018) CD & Digital