Drive’s new EP Intermission to be released just in time for the holidays.

Intermission features three tracks “Paying Your Dues” originally recorded and released in the mid 70’s by Black Sheep which featured Don Mancuso, & Lou Gramm also “Sink Your Teeth” which is a second re-recording this one being a Talas track, Phil Naro fronted Talas in the early 80’s and the third and final track on the EP is a new original called “Rock It”.

In related news the follow up single to “Somewhere Out There” by Phil will be called “Take A Walk Around Yourself” due out later this year. Phil will be producing the upcoming and as yet untitled album by Florida rock band Insights due for a release in 2014. Phil is also finishing up his vocals for the upcoming solo release by Canadian keyboardist Lawrence Gowan of Styx.