Melodic Revolution Records is excited to announce that the 1st single off the album ‘The Return to Mingulay’ by Andy John Bradford’s Oceans 5 will be ‘6000 friends’, a duet between Andy and world famous vocalist Lorelei McBroom, best known for her work with the legendary band “PINK FLOYD” . Lorelei has also worked with the Rolling Stones and Rod Stewart. We are also pleased to have a very talented composer on board to do the orchestration on this track; his name is Andres E. Guazzelli.

The rest of the band consists of Andy John Bradford a well known singer/songwriter from North East England; Colin Tench (UK, Sweden) well known guitarist and producer with recordings from Odin of London, BunChakeze, The Minstrel’s Ghost and Corvus Stone; Keyboardist Marco Chiapini (Italy) of Gandalf’s Project and The Minstrel’s Ghost; Bassist Stef Flaming (Belgium) Murky Red, and Drummer Victor Tassone (USA) of Unified Past. Artwork by Sonia Mota.
Lorelei McBroom is a composer and of the world’s truly great singers Lorelei has worked with the best, toured with The Rolling Stones & Rod Stewart to name but two. Thrust into the limelight by Pink Floyd when she was asked to join them on world tours. The great gig in the sky requires a great voice and great passion. Oceans 5 are honoured to present you with 6000 friends featuring Lorelei in full flight!

Lorelei is on tour with The Australian Pink Floyd soon, so they were very lucky to get her between engagements. Colin Tench and Andy Bradford will join Lorelei on Blogtalk radio at 8pm Tuesday 24th September, USA east coast time for a short interview with the great Skyler (The Commodores) Jett.

Oceans 5 now have the album “Return to Mingulay” ready. The album will be released digitally on 7th October 2013. It will be available in our store (Special offer!), and on Amazon and iTunes.

Take a listen to the short promo of ‘6000 friends’ here.