GorMusik has returned with their long-awaited sophomore release Snakes & Angels featuring some very special guests. This is GorMusik’s first full-length since the self-released album Fun In OuterSpace (2015).

Snakes & Angels a concept album, features five well-crafted new tracks clocking in at just 68 minutes.

About Snakes & Angels:

The idea of Snakes & Angels came along several years back. Writing a concept album about the timeline of the Bible, as daunting as it was, I still felt compelled to do so. Of course, it is in no way complete but as a synopsis, it works. From Genesis to Revelation. To me, this is only half of the story and there could be another chapter at a later date as I do have plenty of music already written towards that end. But this is where we are for now. The struggle between good and evil has always been mankind’s success or demise. So, there is a message in there I hope that can positively impact the listener as well as being accompanied by the best cinematic soundtrack I could write for it. So, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did putting it all together for you!

Production / Musicians: Gordon / Gordo Bennet: All the music on this album was written, performed, arranged, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Gordo except for some very special guests playing and singing with heart and soul using their incredible talents to raise this album to new heights and breathing their life into it! Thanks to them for such inspired artistry and musicianship!

Joseph Frick, a lifelong friend, had heard the demos that would become the Snakes & Angels album, and being one of my most trusted audio test pilots on anything GorMusik surprised me with some wonderful bass playing he had recorded on those demo tracks. Upon hearing them I was totally blown away and said to him “Let’s get to work my friend!” So, plans were made, and the recordings began and now we have the result of his exceptional bass playing. Thank You, Joe!

Jay T McGurrin as well has been a lifelong musical companion. Jay, drummer/vocalist has played drums and sang with the best, always active in the local music scene as well as touring with the late Jimmy Van Zant band. Jay has also played drums on The Colin Tench Project, Hair in a G-String. As most know the drums on my GorMusik albums are written/programmed by me but there are just some things that can’t be programmed. That’s where Jay comes in. I had this song called The Lost, and I knew what I wanted to hear and how I wanted the track to sound and feel and I knew I couldn’t achieve that with programming, but I also knew Jay would be the perfect fit for it. So, after talking to him about where I wanted the track to go he laid down some initial drum tracks that after he worked them out took the track to its only rightful place in music history by his awesome playing abilities! Thank You, Jay!

Peter Jones: If you haven’t heard the name Peter Jones yet I’d be amazed! Pete has been cranking out his awesome music through Tiger Moth Tales, Red Bazar, the Colin Tench Project, and with the legendary Camel Band for years now and he’s still going strong! As for Snakes & Angels, I had sung all the vocals on the demos of the album and almost released it as it was, but as an artist myself knowing my limitations and not being overly concerned with the ‘doing it all myself’ ideal knew that vocals on an album are usually what makes or breaks it. So, with that in mind and wanting to give the listener the best possible production I could muster I talked with Pete and sent him the album and he was instantly on board with it! Wow! & Phew! Were my initial responses to having such a talented songbird sing on my album! As you will hear, Pete did an amazing job singing on the album as well as him playing Irish Whistles on ‘The Lost”! Thank You, Pete!

So with all this in mind, get your ticket, buckle up and take this incredible journey along with Pete, Joe, Jay, and myself. Let yourself become one with the music! As all GorMusik is a journey that takes you to places you’ve never been before and never goes back home…. It’s a one-way ticket! Enjoy! 
Peace & Love… G


1. The Beginning (18:03) 
2. The Deception (08:16) 
3. The Wandering (12:28) 
4. The Lost (17:44)

Album Details:
Artist: GorMusik
Release Date: September 10 th, 2021
Catalog No. MRRCD 22199
Format: CD & Digital

More Info:
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