This is the latest and fourth album from Los Angeles-based progressive rock band Forever Twelve and their first since the addition of former Mars Hollow vocalist John Baker, who certainly sounds on very good form here.

Whilst I am new to Forever Twelve, I have to say that by the evidence of this, things seem to be going right for them, as this reveals itself to be a classy mix of prog and AOR, fused together to create several memorable and musically interesting pieces of music. Of special note is the excellent playing, especially from Tom Graham on guitars, keyboards and bass.

Opener, The Seven Seas is a case in point, sounding very Yes-like at times, the band plough through this 16-minute piece with real panache and flair, barely pausing to catch breath. With its swirling keyboards and driving organ sound, this is as good an opener as one could hope for. There is a clear statement of intent, with a strident vocal from John Baker making himself known, before a left turn into a quieter section with a repeated piano riff, offset against some fluid guitar work from Tom Graham.

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