Hurricane Harvey is the worst Hurricane to hit Texas in over 50 years and has surpassed the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, it has even broken the US record for the most rain fall in one day, so much rain, in fact, that they say it is equivalent to a full year of rain in Texas.

50 counties flooded, 30,000 people in shelters, 56,000, 911 calls and the Death Toll 30 and risings. among these stats are people that one or more of you reading this may know. Even if you don’t personally know someone personally, you may know of someone via your friends or via social media.

That said, one of our own family members (that is what we consider the musicians affiliated with MRR) Leon Alvarado and his family lost their home and most of their worldly possessions due to the Hurricane. Pictured above left you can see his home from the street, pictured in the center the photo is taken looking out to the street from his foyer and the one on the right is Leon tugging a canoe with some clothes and other necessities, Leon and his family now join the 1,000’s of homeless, on the bright side we are happy that Leon and his family are alive and well.

We have been told that there is no fundraiser held for Leon Alvarado or his family, instead, Leon asks that you purchase his music directly from CD Baby or the Melodic Revolution Records Bandcamp Store. All funds will go directly to Leon and his family minus the CD Baby Transaction Fee or Bandcamp/PayPal service charges.

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The Future Left Behind (2016)
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Persistence (2015)
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2014 Music From An Expanded Universe (2014)
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Strangers In A Strange Places (2010)
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Plays Genesis And Other Stuff (2009)
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