About the Album

Apeirophobia (fear of the infinity). It’s a concept about the conscience of Man about the end, not the fear of the death, but the fear of the infinity after death. But more precisely this album is about “thought” and “spirit”: it’s an evolution after our previous work Morpho Nestira about consumerism… we can say that Apeirophobia is about “to be” while Morpho Nestira was about “to own”.

About the Songs

  1. The first song is Anima Mundi, with a Mediterranean uptempo rhythm. The song is about hypocrisies and false idols. Human beings believe that they have full control on Earth, but they can’t control it, because it has a strong soul (anima mundi) that obeys just its own mysterious rules. 
  2. Summer Breeze is a sad power ballad about emigration: a man who has to leave his home, who loses his roots and can’t create new ones. I wanted to speak about this phenomenon from a “psychological” and intimate point of view and not from a “sociological” point of view.
  3. The third song is Last Minutes, a solid rock number (maybe it can sound like “Pigs” by Pink Floyd somehow, but faster and shorter!). This song is a duet: there are a woman on death row and a man with a terminal disease in their 5 last minutes of life. Again I wanted to point out the psychological drama more than the sociological view.
  4. This is something new for our band: Corri nel cielo is a simple ballad in the Italian language (the very first one in our career!!!) and it’s about the political debate about euthanasia. The lyrics are against the hypocrisy of politicians that use other people’s sorrow for their own interests. This song is inspired (but we don’t make any reference to) by the scandalous debate about Eluana Englaro’s life (she was a girl who stood in an irreversible coma for 20 years). Shame on everybody who used the pain of her family for their interests!
  5. An instrumental number. Aprile is a sweet piano-based song. We’ll do two versions, an acoustic one (piano, cello, and violin) and a “rock” one. I guess we’ll keep the acoustic one and we’ll put the rock one as a bonus track for fans and on the physical CD.
  6. That’s the big one, Apeirophobia: it’s a 25 minutes long suite in 9 parts. Lyrics are about the fear of infinity and how different philosophies and religions tried to explain the sense of life. We don’t know what we’ll find after death: we can find an ocean of light (Christianism) or an ocean of darkness (Atheism, Materialism); maybe we’re the creators of reality (Kant, Hegel), or maybe we’ll have several lives to explore every part of our personality (Hinduism, Buddhism). Maybe the sense of life is to become immortal in the memory of people (Ugo Foscolo, Giordano Bruno)… Finally, the only way to overcome the fear is to feel as a part of something bigger, the human race: we are all part of it and we all share the same destiny.

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Claudio Lapenna – piano, keyboards, vocals.
Dario Lastella – guitars, synth, vocals.
Franco Bussoli – bass.
Elena Ricci – vocals.
Enzo Bellocchio – drums.

Guests: Núria Palau, Alexandra Milas, Maria Miele and Armando Varriano – Strings on Aprile.
Cover design by Andrea Pinti.
Mastering by Steve Kitch (Audiomaster) – www.audiomaster.co.uk

Video by Cristina Nist (ranElettrike) Music by ifsounds. Elena Ricci — vocals. Francesco Bussoli — bass guitar. Enzo Bellocchio — drums and percussions. Claudio Lapenna — piano, keyboards, synth, vocals. Dario Lastella — guitars, synth, vocals. Words and music by Dario Lastella & Claudio Lapenna. from the album Apeirophobia (Melodic Revolution Records) © Dario Lastella.

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