Tuseday August 7th
The long awaited (6th) sixth ifsounds album “An Gorta Mór” is now available to pre-order

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During the pre-order ten (10), lucky people will win an autographed copy “An Gorta Mór
CD pre-orders specials only apply to the ifsounds Bandcamp store, offer expires at Midnight on August 26th, 2018

According to ifsounds
An Gorta Mór” is a concept album about the theme of runaway: the opening and the closing numbers build a bridge between the tragedy of the Irish Famine (An Gorta Mór in Gaelic) and the massive Irish exodus to America of the middle of the 19th Century with the current move of people from Africa to Europe through the Mediterranean way. The other songs are about runaway and desperation from another point of view, focusing on other social issues such as unemployment and domestic abuse.

Release Date: August 27th, 2018
Format:CD & Digital
Packaging: Jewel Case with 12-page color booklet

Songs Titles:
01. Mediterranean Floor (06:34)
02. Techno Guru (02:17)
03. Violet (04:07)
04. Reptilarium (04:51)
05. An Gorta Mór (22:00
I.Emerald Island
II.Phytophthora infestans
III. Bridget O’Donnell
IV The Great Famine
V. Doolough Lake
VI. The Docks of Limerick
VII. Regina Oceani
VIII. Long cónra
IX. Ghosts in America

Runal: Lead Vocals
Fabio De Libertis: Bass Guitar
Lino Mesina: Drums
Dario Lastella: Guitars, Keyboards & Backing Vocals
Claudio Lapenna: Piano, Keyboards & Backing Vocals

Lino Giugliano – Keyboards and synths on “Reptilarium”, “The Great Famine” and “Doolough Lake”.
Matteo Colombo – Violin on “Emerald Island” and “The Docks of Limerick”.
Vincenzo Cervelli – Lead Vocals on “The Docks of Limerick”, Backing Vocals on “Ghosts in America”.
Alessandra Santovito – Lead Vocals on “Regina Oceani”.
Francesco Forgione – Bhodrán on “The Docks of Limerick”.
Marco Grossi – Backing Vocals on “Ghosts in America”.

Album Notes
Lyrics and Music by Dario Lastella.
Produced by Dario Lastella. in Italy
Mastered by Steve Kitch in England
Sleeve design by Fabienne Di Girolamo: http://fabiennedigirolamo.com