Italian Multi Instrumentalist Marco Ragni returns with his first Progressive Rock Opera to be released on December 22nd 2014. The new album is called “Mother From The Sun” a two CD set featuring fourteen amazing new tracks.

Disc 1: The Rise and Fall of Human Heart
01. Into The Wheel Of Time (9:13)
02. Sea Of Vibes (15:52)
03. Panting (1:03)
04. Heaven Of Marble (17:45)
05. Faint Memory (4:32)
06. The Light Is Burning (2:23)
07. Get Out Of Here (2:11)

Disc 2: The Awakening of Consciousness
01. Far Beyond the Line
02. The First Time I saw The Sun (1:19)
03. Skies Painted By The Wind ( 0:44)
04. In The Air (3:11)
05. Breathing (1:18)
06. Northern Light (3:50)
07. Mother From The Sun

The Band:
Marco Ragni: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Greek Bouzouky, Drums and Programming
Enrico Di Stefano: Sax
Davide Gazzi: Acoustic Guitar
Luigi Iacobone: Flute
Enrico Cipollini: Electric Guitar

For further Information:
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