Italian Musician Marco Ragni signs a multi-album deal with US label Melodic Revolution Records.

We are very excited to be working with Marco on his upcoming release’s including his first album with us “Mother from the Sun”, a rock opera that will include many guest appearances as well as an orchestra. This is Marco’s most ambitious album to date, and will be released late December 2014.

Marco Ragni’s musical history dates back to 1975 when at the age of 6 he discovers his passion for music by asking for a Farfisa keyboard as present. The love of singing comes later, fascinated by the vocal harmonies of the Fab Four, the legendary Beatles.

At the age of 17, attracted by the California hippie scene of the late sixties, he recorded his first tracks of psychedelic music, and his early records, including “Kaleido”(1987) and “Illumination”(1988).

In 1990 he joined the band Deshuesada, which will deeply mark his artistic evolution, leading to the recording of 2 albums of psychedelic pop and to several gigs in Italy from 1992 to 1998. After a couple of years as a soloist, albeit without significant productions, in 2000 he was approached by a rock band, the Quartafila, which later changed its name to Heza. Three studio albums, a recording contract with the Red LED in Milan and many gigs, resulted in a significant leap in quality – From 2007 to the end of 2008 he plays with the Mokers, a funk psychedelic rock band and he records an EP called “Don’t forget the music”.

In January 2009 Marco decided to officially launch his solo career, having gained sufficient experience in both music composition and singing. He dove into the study of new recording techniques and honed in his artistic skills. After having composed about a hundred songs, in the spring of 2010 he released his first solo album “In My Eyes” on his own newly formed Crow Records label. In the meantime a live album “Marco Ragni Live at the House of Thunder” comes out in August 2010

4 months after the release of his debut album he begins to work on a new album titled “1969″ which was released in the fall of 2011. In the summer of 2012 he released a new psychedelic album called “Lilac days”. A new live project called “Think outside the box” is keeping him busy for most of the current year. December 2014 will see the release of Marco’s ambitious creation, “Mother from the Sun” a rock opera including many special guests and orchestra.”Mother from the sun”

In a statement from Marco:
“It’s amazing to join the MRR family, a little dream come true. The label has many great bands and musicians and I am very happy to be part if this label. I hope to write beautiful songs for them. To celebrate the signing we are releasing a new song as a free download entitled Istanbul Spices”.

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