Spirit of December Vol. 5 is the latest offering amongst the many charity releases that have been offered through our There is Hope charity label. Our hope is that in some small way music can be a catalyst for change in the world; through the goodness and kindness that resides within the human soul.

Yes, the holidays are here once again and unfortunately so many people are still in need of help. It has been our tradition here at Melodic Revolution Records (MRR) to help those people in need when possible; it seems that misery and need are ever present but at this time of year the need seems magnified. We would hope to be a beacon and a voice for those who have lost theirs and to call to action everyone to join us in helping their fellow human. The holidays are a time for gratitude, grace and charity and MRR would like to lead the way in using this powerful medium of music to bring us together in common cause, in one voice to bring a little joy into each others lives.

Who are these people I speak of?
These are folks that have lost their homes due to natural disasters, illness which strikes without discretion, displacement due to the still sluggish economy or casualties of war; these people are our neighbors, our friends, relatives, and the community that surrounds us.

Track Listing:
Darrel Treece-Birch – This Crushed Diamond Shroud 07:56
Tommie Brewster – Blessings In Disguise 04:46
Ahley Mulford – Restless Wind 04:05
Carroll Matthews – Christmas in New York 03:42
Don Mancuso – It’s Christmas 03:36
Murky Red – Wild Flower 05:29
Peter Matuchniak – Across The Pond 04:35
Drawzznikk – Watching Over You 03:44
A Multitude of One – In The Bleak Midwinter 02:53
Lisa Brigantino – It’s Christmastime 02:34
Andy John Bradford – Raise a Glass for Christmas 03:44
Progeland – Welcome Winter Time 06:25
The Man from RavCon – Winter 03:19
Marco Ragni – Oltre le montagne al di la dei mari (Mountains)
Colin Tench with the Christmas Chili Allstars – Natal

So where can one purchase these releases, and where does the money go?
They are available via There is Hope Records, a not for profit music label started and run by Melodic Revolution Records. All proceeds from our releases minus service charges (charged by paypal, banks, etc.) are donated directly to an organization called “Music for Relief” who is partnered with many great organizations that help during disasters such as Habitat for Humanity, Save the Children and others.

Listen to and Buy Spirit of December Vol. 5 Now! http://thereishoperecords.com/album/spirit-of-december-vol-5

Melodic Revolution Records is not affiliated in any way to Music for Relief, other than we donate all proceeds to this charity.

For more information about Music for Relief visit