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Melodic Revolution Records is proud to announce the release of the debut single Darkness Alone by MistEir to be released April 4th 2014. Who is MistEir you might ask? MistEir is a new super group of sorts fronted by Simon Talbot of Halo and Liberty’s Exiles. When Simon is not busy as a District Coordinator / KBCC Coach at Surrey County Cricket Club he is busy writing and recording music for one of his many projects like Halo or Liberty’s Exiles or his latest project MistEir. The band is working on a full length album for a future release.

In a statement from Simon:
“MistEir” is collaboration between musical friends basically. I saw a poem on facebook that had been written by another friend and DJ Angela Buchanan, I sent her a note and I asked her if I could use it for a musical project I was assembling. Angela very kindly gave me permission to do so, and added another 7 poems to boot! I contacted Colin Tench to ask if he had time to get involved in the project, and he very kindly said he did. Victor Tassone is also a good friend of Angela’s and he was next on board for the project, it’s great to have someone like Vic on board, he is an amazing musician! The last person to join the project was bassist Iris Hidding, she was the mystery musician that Colin kept telling me about!

It is great to finally work with the other musicians involved in the project. Working alongside someone like Colin is a great experience for all of us, as he constantly pushes to get more and more from you musically… we hope this is reflected in Darkness Alone and our future releases. As for the song, Darkness Alone deals with the struggle to fight and survive terminal illness. Both the music and the lyrics capture the constant tension the writer must be feeling, basically living day by day.

MistEir Is:
Simon Talbot: Guitars & Vocals (Halo and Liberty’s Exiles)
Colin Tench: Guitars (Corvus Stone, CTP, Andy John Bradford’s Oceans 5, Transmission Rails)
Victor Tassone: Drums (Unified Past, Andy John Bradford’s Oceans 5)
Iris Hidding: Bass

MistEir has set up a facebook page for the project: