MRR Team

Nick and Jennifer Katona


Nick Katona, President 

Jennifer Katona, Vice President

Nick hails from the west coast of sunny California. His first love was music, growing up in the 60’s was a great experience with the many styles of music on the radio. He immersed himself in this rich kaleidoscope of diversity including artists like the: Andrew Sisters, The Beatles, The Doors, It’s a Beautiful Day and Bob Dylan, Nick knew even then that somehow he wanted to be part of this industry.

“I would listen to DJ such as Wolfman Jack and KC Kasem every chance I would get and even pretended I was one making my own mono tapes”, Nick said with a grin, it was obvious that music was in his blood from his earliest memories. While still in his teens his family relocated to Central Florida where he has spent the majority of his adult life. First cutting his teeth in the music field by working as a clerk for the Florida music chain “Record Mart” where he would quickly rise up the ranks in management. Later working for National chains; Warehouse Records, Camelot Music and Music Land as well as his first and short-lived music store “Fish Talk Records”. Nick took a break from the industry in the late 1980s disillusioned by the new trend of stale and trendy music.

In 2004 while living in Upstate NY Nick was ready to return to music his first great love and make a difference on his own terms with a whole new outlook on music. It was then with the help of his wife Jennifer they established “Melodic Revolution Records” a retail music store and live music venue. In 2006 the label was born out of the need to promote Nick’s true love for independent music. To showcase live music in the proper light Nick embarked on the creation of the “Clinton Art & Music Festival” in 2006, with the inaugural year being a tremendous success. Nick was the lead organizer and Music Director from 2006 – 2011 for this wildly successful festival. The festival still lives on.

In 2007 Nick and Jennifer decided to move back to Florida where he would continue building the Melodic Revolution brand and the newly created label. In 2011 Nick was asked to host his own radio show on a popular internet radio station (AIIR); excited but very apprehensive at first he initially turned down the offer, a few times. After giving the opportunity a bit of thought he realized that he had been given the opportunity of a life time; “This was my chance to have a voice and further promote not only my artists but other artists by giving them a chance to be heard, not only here in the US, but worldwide”.

Rebecca Avelar


Director of Marketing and Promotions

A native of the S.F. [East Bay] Area, and having been exposed to music in her childhood, Rebecca spent her early adult years working towards her first love, Aviation. That would soon change, as one day, she happened to hear a radio advertisement for a new Music business school that opened up in the South Bay Area, and like a Vinyl record decided to take her intuition “out for a spin!”

Within two short years, Rebecca came in contact with Bands, Managers, Radio DJ’s and many talented individuals from the Bay Area’s Music Community. With a skill set in business management and financial/accounting background, those tools proved useful in local artist management and running the gamut of other creative music industry avenues, such as photography, event planning, advertising sales, media relations, and “old world” skills in social networking.

To this day friendships established back then remain, careers have flourished, and through the Internet, new opportunities unite them into a whole new chapter and future of the Music Industry.

Deja Vu anyone? Eventually, the future catches up the past, and in 2011, after meeting Nick Katona in the AiiRadio chat room, it was soon discovered that both had crossed paths in many Bay Area and L.A. events and didn’t even know it. So, in finding a home with Melodic Revolution Records, experiencing the excitement of Street Team networking for our Artists, promotions designs, marketing strategy, and sharing a deep-rooted respect for musicianship and passion for the old world of Vinyl albums ~ it’s safe to say that Rebecca has finally found her groove.

Current Projects:

Melodic Revolution Records & Power of Prog Street Team Central Inside The Music Booking Contact & Promotions [Hosted by Nick Katona and broadcasted on]

Conventions & Events:

NAMM [Anaheim, CA] RoSfest AiirFest [Ireland]

Past Projects & Affiliation

Bay Area Music Alliance/Bay Area Women in Music Member of NARAS, SF Chapter BAMMIES [Bay Area Music Awards] New Music Seminars [NY] Foundations Forum, Los Angeles, CA Rock ‘n’ Roll Auctions [Houston KLOL]