Melodic Revolution Records and Murky Red are pleased to present you the new teaser, an excerpt from the track “Elena”, which is the 11th track of the upcoming new album by Murky Red, “No Pocus Without Hocus”, the band’s first full length release in 3 years.

The band don’t want to blow you off your socks, yet. Because it’s still summer and it’s too warm to wear socks. So you only get the calmest part of the whole album, and it’s safe to listen barefoot.

The mixing of the album is as good as finished, Colin and the Murkies are now in ‘double-check and fine tune’ – stage. The sound will be warm and cuddly for the ears.

The artwork is progressing very well and will be a continuation of the Murky recipe starring Maurice le Murk, the blue progsmurf, who also appeared on ‘Time Doesn’t Matter’. We’ll let you know in time when you’ll need to put on your sock holders. That will be in autumn, when you’ll wear again your socks.

The title “No Pocus Without Hocus” describes the album perfectly, the journey that Murky Red traveled, to complete their second album. The meaning of the album title is a variation of ‘no gain, no pain’, which reflects on the making of the album but also on daily life. Sometimes you need a little magic to help you through the daily struggles.

Production Credits:
Recorded in 2015 at Murky Red Studios, Belgium.
Mixing & Mastering: Colin Tench at Stoned Bun Studios, Sweden.
Music and lyrics by Stef Flaming
Video by Stef Flaming
© 2015 Murky Red Music

Murky Red is:
Stef Flaming: Vocals & Guitars
Patrick Dujardin: Guitars
Luk Lantin: Bass Guitar
René Marteaux: Drums
Marie Vancamp: Percussion
Yolanda Flaming: Keys

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