The title is characteristic for the wonder that our second album has finally arrived. The change of the band’s line-up, serious illnesses, the loss of loved ones, victims of fraud, financial and relational barriers … It seemed like The Murkies were cursed by the devil (although we paid him, the bloody twat. Wise lesson kids, never trust a devil).

The making of ‘No Pocus Without Hocus’ was no walk in the park, but thanks to dedication, patience (for us and also for our fans), friendship and a bit of sorcery, we returned with an album we’re all proud of.

The meaning of the album title is a variation of ‘no gain, no pain’. That reflects on the making of the album, but also on daily life. Sometimes you need a little magic to help you through the daily struggle. But that doesn’t mean we made a pitch black, sad album. It’s a laugh and a tear. The songs are about the normal things that happen in your life; you hallucinate a bit, you discuss world problems with your cat, you get horny, you can’t sleep, you penetrate a mermaid with a fish stick …  in fact this is the perfect soundtrack for your life! We know our listeners!

Musically, we stole all the best parts of Deep Floyd, The Black Doors, Led Sabbath and Dennie Christian, but you wouldn’t know it if I didn’t told you. They endured the Murky-treatment: we put them all in big black cauldron, added 4 cans of blues sauce and spiced it with prog-herbs. We stirred it all up and let it simmer for about 2 years. The end result smells funny but it sounds just like Murky Red doing a cover of a Murky Red tribute band.

Track Listing:

01. Pixelated Friends 05:01

02. Stoned & Horny 07:08
03. Sweet Dark Hypnosis 03:47
04. She’s Crying Diamonds 04:56
05. Nothing Can Go Wrong 04:16
06. A Wooden Groove 03:44
07. Collateral Damage 06:33
08. Bad Wolf of the Pack 04:57
09. Wild Flower 05:29
10. Mermaids 04:01
11. Elena 08:25
12. I Came A Long Way – Live (CD ONLY BONUS TRACK)
13. Dromedaric Expantion (CD ONLY BONUS TRACK)
14. Galadriel Orchestral Version (CD ONLY BONUS TRACK)

Album Line-up:

Stef Flaming: Vocals & Guitars
Patrick Dujardin: Guitars
Luk Lantin: Bass Guitar
René Marteaux: Drums
Marie Vancamp: Percussion
Yolanda Flaming: Keys

Guest Musician:
Colin Tench on ‘Collateral Damage’.


Music & Lyrics by Stef Flaming.
Recorded at Murky Red Studios, Belgium.
Mixing & Mastering: Colin Tench, Stoned Bun Studios, Sweden

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