Nth Ascension has again chosen renowned UK artist Oliver Pengilley to create the artwork for their new album In Fine Initium. Pengilley was chosen to create the cover for Nth Ascension’s debut release Ascension of Kings for his ability to infuse a sense of hope and spirituality within his artwork. Pengilley delivers with this second piece a bold and triumphant cover capturing to perfection the power, complexity, beauty and elegance of In Fine Initium.

In Fine Initium – To Begin Is To End, To End Is To Begin captured in a succinct Latin phrase poignantly defining the very essence of humanity’s fragile existence in the universe. Nth Ascension are masters at weaving tales of hope found even in the darkness, light triumphs and humanity will always have its champion. Seven tracks to send you on an unforgettable journey and when it ends, all you want to do is begin again.

Track Listing
i.     Kingdom Keys
ii.    End of Days
iii.   So, that was the Apocalypse
iv.   The Cage
v.     In Search of the Rider (Clanaan pt IV)
vi.    Forever (Clanaan pt V)
vii.   When the Rain Falls (Clanann pt VI)

Nth Ascension Is:
Alan ‘Spud’ Taylor: Vocals
Darrel Treece-Birch: Keyboards
Craig Walker: Drums
Gavin Walker : Bass
Martin Walker: Guitars

Booking and Media

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