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Melodic Revolution Records is proud to announce the release of Sessions a brand new 21 track solo album by Peter Matuchniak.

Since releasing his last solo studio album over 5 years ago, Peter Matuchniak has been busy with recording session guitar for several artists in Europe and the USA, and this has formed the basis of his latest release due out soon on September 25th. Peter says “I wanted to expand my playing style and take on a few challenges, so I began to say ‘Yes’ to any opportunities to play guest guitar. After a few years, I realized I had done enough to make a compilation CD, so I approached the client artists for permission to do so. Not only was I able to highlight my contributions, but also approach their songs with some quite different arrangements often delving back to an early demo version where the ideas were in their formative stages. I am grateful that all of the artists agreed to this project because for me it was all-or-nothing.”

During those past 5 years, Peter Matuchniak has also released three albums with bands Kinetic Element and Bomber Goggles, as well as working on new material Lobate Scarp. “Sessions” will be his third solo studio album, but Peter Matuchniak is not done yet, claiming to be working on two future solo releases.

Peter Matuchniak has also performed live at ProgStock (with Kinetic Element at the After Party show) and was due to perform at RoSFest this year with Lobate Scarp (sadly canceled due to the virus pandemic). With his best Arnold impersonation, he says “I’ll be back“.

About Peter Matuchniak
Peter favors a progressive style of guitar that features melodic solos and graceful chording, clearly influenced by the likes of Steve Hackett (Genesis), Dave Gilmour (Pink Floyd), Andy Latimer (Camel), and Mike Oldfield. Always drawn more to composition and melody above pure technique and over-indulgence, Peter Matuchniak lets sounds and textures guide the music first and foremost.

His compositional style draws from the varied genres he was exposed to at home: a brother into jazz-rock, a sister listening to the latest radio hits, and parents who raised them all on classical music. But the basic element is always progressive rock, and Peter Matuchniak has played with a number of bands in this genre that have garnered attention and reviews, both in London where he grew up as well as in his adopted Southern California home.

Catalog No. MRRCD 22188

(Running Time 78 minutes)

01. Big Heart   (3:41)
02. She Knows  (3:20)
03. Carly  (3:12)
04. Fear  (3:28)
05. Land of Blue Echoes  (3:21)
06. The Wandering Caravan I  (6:20)
07. The Wandering Caravan II  (3:53)
08. The Wandering Caravan III  (7:25)
09. Gentle Bird (3:10)
10. Deep Night  (2:20)
11. Stargazer II Sessions  (2:47)
12. Nucleus II  (4:00)
13. A Voice in the Dark  (3:21)
14. The Wind Blows  (4:51)
15. Flashlight  (3:13)
16. Fifty Years (2:21)
17. Abstract Dreams (2:55)
18. Back Home Again (3:01)
19. Golden Cage (4:18)
20. Exploding in the Air (2:39)
21. Lions & Pitchfork Martyrs (3:50)


Marco Ragni (Italy) 5-8,10,12-20
Hamlet Tinae (Belgium) 1,21
Shawn Gordon (USA) 2,3
Steve Bonino (USA) 4, 11
Simon Strevens (UK) 9


PETER MATUCHNIAK: lead, rhythm, ambient guitar
ELECTRIC:  Godin LGXT-SA,  Fender Stratocaster, JTV-69S Variax
ACOUSTIC:  Yamaha Silent Nylon & Steel String Guitars
SOUNDS:  eBow, Roland VG-99 Guitar Synth, Line 6 Helix

MARCO RAGNI:  keyboards, guitars, vocals, compositions
Tracks 05,10,12,19. Jeff Mack: bass ~ Iacopo Ghirardini: drums ~ Durga McBroom: backing vocals
Tracks 06-08,13-18,20. Jeff Mack: bass ~ Maurizio Antonini: drums ~ Dave Newhouse: woodwinds

HAMLET TINAE:  bass, keyboards, guitar, compositions
Track 01. Chris Allan: drums ~ Marco Ragni: keyboards
Track 21. Hamlet: programming ~ Darren Brush: stick ~ Marco Ragni: keyboards

SHAWN GORDON: keyboards, 12-string, compositions
Track 02. Henning Pauly: bass ~ Martin Orford: flute ~ Mike Alvarez: cello
Track 03. Gary Wehrkamp: bass, rhythm ~ Mark Zonder: drums ~ Dennis Atlas: vocals

STEVE BONINO: bass, guitars, keyboards, compositions
Track 04. Steve Bonino: programming
Track 11. Erik Johnson: rhythm ~ Jimmy Keegan: drums

SIMON STREVENS: vocals, keyboards
Composition: Alan Chambers, Simon Strevens, Peter Matuchniak
Track 09. Cecilia Le Poer Power: backing vocal


Mixed, Mastered and Produced by Peter Matuchniak
Photos of Peter Matuchniak by Robert Smith
Album Artwork by Peter Matuchniak

Sessions CD housed in an eco- friendly digipack that includes a 6-page color booklet and includes unlimited streaming of Sessions via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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