We are pleased to be releasing Destiny by Peter Matuchniak. Peter is best known for his amazing work with California prog band “Gekko Project”.  Destiny will be released this Sunday December 28th 2014 This will be Peter’s 3rd solo album and features 11 brand new songs. Including tracks like Reprisal and Product which are getting some air play in Europe and America.

Track Listing Is As Follows:
01. Destiny
02. Product
03. Spies
04. Oyster Club
05. Tunnel
06. Go Fast
07. Go Slow
08. Island
09. Reprisal
10. Chaos
11. Victory

The album also features some amazing talent.
Steve Bonino: Bass & Vocals
Scott Connor:  Drums & Vocals
Paul Mouradjian:  Keyboards
Natalie Azerad:  Lead Vocals
Alyssa Matuchniak:  Vocals
Ted Zahn:  Vocals, and more
Jojo Nakano: Sax
David Gilman:  Clarinet
Peter Matuchniak: Music, Guitar & Production

Peter Matuchniak will be hosting a show this Sunday at Alvas Showroom, all paid admission will come with a Free Destiny CD. Event details: https://mrrmusic.com/event/peter-matuchniak-destiny-cd-release-show/