Anuryzm – All Is Not For All

CD: $ 14 Digital: $ 10


1. Mineral 05:20
2. Full Agonist 05:36
3. Humanoid 06:58 video
4. Depolarized 06:06
5. The Challenger 06:58
6. Oceans Apart 03:57
7. All Is Not for All 07:35
8. 199x 06:21
9. Impermanence 07:00
10. Perispirit 07:48


The album title “All Is Not For All” is a warning to those who claim that they can have their cake and eat it too. Not everything can be handled by everyone, whether it be money, fame, women, power etc… The title also lends a warning to both the “Worm” and mankind to figure out their priorities and may the better side win. The concept is a neutral one, much like the concept of creationism or as we like to think, “The Force.” Which side will prevail? (I think we know the short term answer, in “Worm’s Eye View.”) There must always be a balance between good and evil, yin and yang, dark and light.

General Themes
The album’s songs span a variety of topics including humbleness, nanotechnology, illness, astral projection, extraterrestrial encounters, love, longing and remorse, third culture upbringing, displacement and Japanese warrior code (Bushido) to name a few.

Musician on the album:
John Bakhos (Guitars & Synths) Nadeem Bibby (Vocals), Miltiadis Kyvernitis (Additional Backing Vocals) Michael LePond (Bass) Charley Zeleny (Drums), Uri Dijk (Synths), Christopher Chaplin (Orchestral Strings on Oceans Apart).

Music & lyrics by John B & Nadeem Bibby
Produced by John Bakhos & Miltiadis Nicolaos Kyvernitis
Vocals & acoustics recordings at White Cube by Nerses Sanassian & Nithin
Mixed by Miltiadis Kyvernitis at MNK Studios
Mastered by Bob Katz at Digital Domain studios
Album cover Artwork by Jan Örkki Yrlund at Darkgrove design
Booklet Artwork by Wade MD at WMD design
Humanoid Artwork by Jeruben Naad
Band logo by Rhett Podersoo at Machine Room Design