Babal – Frank’s Lament (EP)

CD: $7 LP: $15 Digital: $7

1. Frank’s Lament 09:31
2. The Axe 03:31
3. Bones & Blood 03:45
4. Endless Re-run Society (live) 05:44


Written and produced by Karen Langley and Rob Williams
Endless Re-Run Society – live recording by Vic Curtis . Recorded at the Bread & Circuses show, Brewery Arts Centre, Cirencester, 30 November 2013 (In memory of John Drummond)
Engineered and mastered by Martin Nichols at The White House, Kewstoke, nr Bristol.

Front cover art: Paul Kopal
Back cover photo by Rob Williams (Headshots by Karen Langley)
Insert Art – Andy White
Headshots – Karen Langley-Harry Collison, Rob Williams- Karen Langley, Jon Sharp – Keith Eglon
Cover coordinator – Ralph Titley (the Funky Bunker, Malvern)

Thanks to Nick Katona and the crew of MRR Records for believing in us.
Big thanks to Marc C Nelson, Javier Mejias, Rebecca Avalar, Rachel Armour, Peter Skov, Jeannie Mattone, Chris Heard, Paul Giblin, Lee Henderson, Martyn Hasbeen, Shaun Histed-Todd, Harry Collison, Keith Eglon, Michael Laws, Chris Gill, Mario Champagne, Robert Brady, Barry Mart, Zoie Green, Ben Balsom