Babal – Radical

Digital: $ 1


Reminiscent of jazz crossover pieces of the finest 1970s-era caliber, this song is completely on-point for the present times.

“No more soft-peddling, I want to be radical! Speaking from the front of the car, not the back-seat driving or skiving in my 9-5 late lunch latte long meetings”. On the page, it looks weird, but when Karen sings it with her eccentric phrasing and sarcastic passion, it sounds perfectly hard-hitting.

The middle crazy chorus section is a high point; envisage Patti Smith and early P.J. Harvey mixed in with Lottie Lenya (and maybe some Ethel Merman) – we get Brechtian existential avant-garde jazz-rock! BABAL outros to songs tend to be quite a trip in themselves, and “Radical” has a great one.