Babal – The Circle Of Confusion Of Tongues

CD: $14 LP: $22 Digital: $14

1. Teeth Of The Universe 05:18
2. Amanda 04:00
3. He’s Got The Bends 04:57
4. The Crooked Path 04:01
5. Stolen Breath 04:55
6. Monkey On My Back 05:38
7. The Foot High Guy 03:32
8. Partakers 04:25
9. Volunteers 06:08
10. The Great Overwhelm 03:59
11. Skating On The Pond 03:47
12. Blockpave Me Over 05:48


4th Album By Uk Psych Art Rock Band Babal

the circle of confusion of tongues is…..
redolent of jazz/funk fusions ensouled with multi-pitched vocal layers and extreme guitars;

unexpected arrangements encourage you to follow the radical folk tales as they shift from spine roads to byways and ditches;

from brooding melancholic meadows to high-rise hell, describing bourgeois lifestyles, fear of death, Addiction and insanity, block-paving, voluntary work, and the overwhelming need to re-invent ourselves to survive the pandemonium of the modern first world construct.

re-emerge on a spectacular flyover, to find
you went through the car wash on the way…..through the pressured layers…you’ve got the bends……