Babal – Who Will I Be When I Leave?

CD: $ 10 Digital babal$ 10

1. 3 Minutes
2. Sitting Pretty
3. Corkscrew Rider
4. Dead-End Friends
5. The Wolf Slips Up Quickly
6. Made Without Instructions
7. Baby Wants Freedom
8. Doors
9. Who Will I Be When I Leave


BABAL has many carriages, and there are many stops along the way; sometimes the train is just too crowded and we have to get off and have a station break; a breather, while we wait for the next connection.

We never opt for the straight-through – it always speeds past, sending clouds of dust and screeching metal particles over us as we sit patiently on the bench, anticipating the arrival of the mystery train that will send us happily on our way, toward the next strange town of tunes. What wonderful places we visit, and are still visiting!

“Who Will I Be When I Leave?” takes us to some eccentric station stops on a network of infrequently used branch lines and complex intersections. Take the BABAL ticket once more, and sit back for the Corkscrew Ride…. we can’t guarantee a return trip; just taking the journey is the goal. X
Karen Langley 2022