Barbara Rubin – The Shadows Playground (Piano Works)

CD: $12 LP: $20 Digital $10


1. Endless Hope 05:04
2. Seven 04:41
3. La Maddalena 07:21
4. Clouds 01:31
5. Sunrise Promenade 03:44
6. The Shadows Playground 06:04
7. Sleeping Violin 06:51
8. La Ballata degli Angeli 05:36
9. Helen’s Word 05:49


BarbaraRubin: lead and backing vocals, violin, viola, piano and synthesizers, guitar, bass, and drums.
AndreaGiolo: lead and backing vocals
VeronicaFasanelli: vocals in the grand choir of “Helen’s Words”

Music and Lyrics by Barbara Rubin

“The Shadows Playground” is recorded, mixed, and Mastered by Barbara Rubin at NERALUCE STUDIO, Italy

MartinaDonà: graphic designer
Pictures by Simona Sottocornola

One of the best albums of the year. – Progressive Rock Central

This album can be appreciated by an audience both of Prog and cabtautorale matrix and of a classical style, offering sounds that sublime – progrockjournal