Benjamin & Mia – The Carousel of Life

CD: $ 14

1. My Hope Is Found In You 05:02
2. Orchards’ Red 05:20
3. I’ll Take You To A Place 03:07
4. Hold On 03:46
5. The Willowville Fair 04:05
6. Madeline 03:09
7. She Cried 05:09
8. Light Of The World 04:37
9. A Pure Heart (Lev Tahor) 05:37
10. Coming Home 03:36
11. Sandals 03:46


Benjamin & Mia are a folk duo with a passion for creating artful expressions of music that illuminate truth and beauty. They have been making music together for three and a half years and are very excited to share their debut album The Carousel of Life, with you. Their music is characterized by well-blended, warm, and rich vocal harmonies accompanied by intricate and colorful chord progressions played on acoustic instruments.