Evership – The Uncrowned King

CD: $ 12.00 Digital: $ 10.00


1. The Pilgrimage 10:38
2. The Voice Of The Waves 03:08
3. Crownshine – Althetime 10:50
4. The Tower 09:47
5. The Voice Of The Evening Wind 04:23
6. Yettocome – Itmightbe 16:42
7. Wait 05:12


The Uncrowned King Act 1 a two-part rock opera based on a story by early-1900s writer Harold Bell Wright.

The album was recorded directly to a Studer two-inch tape machine through an early 70’s Harrison console. Harrison consoles are manufactured here in Nashville. In fact, Shane worked on building some Harrison consoles in his early music career when not on the road. This particular model was the same used to record Kansas’ Leftoverture in Louisianna. The actual console we’re recording through was used by Styx for their first album, as well as many of Johnny Cash’s records and a slew of other 70’s and 80’s pop and country artists. Ah, the sweet sound of analog is always amazing!

Beau Wes: lead vocals
Shane Atkinson: keyboards, drums, vocals, percussion, theremin, sound design
James Atkinson: lead guitar (3b,4,6b)
John Rose: rhythm, classical, acoustic & lead guitars (1,3a,4,6a,7)
Ben Young: bass
Matt Harrel: 12-string guitar (1)

Poem Atkinson: “The Voice of the Evening Wind”
Mike Priebe: additional backing vocals
The Charles Heimermann: choir
The Adriatic Sea: sea organ

Label: Atkinsong Productions, LLC
Format: CD, Digital