Fearful Symmetry – The Difficult Second

CD: $18 Digital: $7

1. Mood Swings and Roundabouts 05:59
2. The Difficult Second 03:56
3. Light of My Life 05:39
4. Shifting Sands חולות משתנים 04:07
5. Eastern Eyes 05:14
6. The Song of the Siren 04:57
7. Hope 05:36
8. Sandworm 06:37
9. Shukraan Jazilaan شكرا جزيلا 03:23
10. Warlords 14:49


Fearful Symmetry is a studio based, London, UK progressive music project, originally created by cousins Suzi James and Jeremy Shotts.

The music crosses over several genres such as classic prog, rock, jazz, and symphonic. Housed in a Jewel case with full color 12 page booklet.

Recommended for fans of Magenta, Karnataka, Flamborough Head, Kaprekar’s Constant,The Aaron Clift Experiment, Glass Island, and For Absent Friends