Michael – Alan Taylor – Avalonia (The Sonnets of Guinevere)

LP: $ 20

Side 1.
1) Guinevere 09:08 video
2) Final Battle 02:28
3) Death of Arthur (Song of Argante) 03:32
4) Lady of the Lake 04:04

Side 2
1) Avalon 02:37
2) Land Without A King 02:46
3) Discovery 04:21
4) The Dance of Love 06:56
5) Epilogue 02:35

A Melodic Revolution Records Release


Avalonia (The Sonnets of Guinevere) is a limited edition (200 copies) LP on heavyweight vinyl housed in a beautiful full-color gatefold sleeve plus a special storyline insert to spark the imagination; a soundtrack for your mind. To complete this special package the album will be delivered on aquamarine clear vinyl a visual representation of the lake where the beautiful Lady resides with Excalibur safe until it is once again needed in this realm.