NeverWake – SleepWalker

CD: $ 10 Digital: $ 10

1. Whispers In The Dark 04:31
2. Within The Hands 03:56
3. Days Gone By 03:38
4. Defiance 04:30
5. Winds Of Change 04:36
6. Black Of Night 04:15
7. Feed The Fire 03:24
8. Monster Of My Own 05:21
9. Unchained 03:36
10. Out Of This Grave 04:33
11. Alive 05:05
12. Mine To Reap 03:57
13. Caster 04:15


Self-released second album

Johnny DiCarlo: Lead Vocals & Guitar
James Watson: Guitar & Vocals
Marcus Giannamore: Drums
George Scott: Bass

“SleepWalker” is an amplification of NeverWake’s haunting sound, immersing the listener with more instrumental complexity, including harmonized riffs, technical drum patterns, and harmonized melodic vocality.

Mastered by Grammy Award-winning engineer Ted Jensen of Sterling Sound, “SleepWalker” is NeverWake’s second full-length album which follows their debut album “Vitality” released in 2011. This is the second album produced by the highly respected producer/engineer Mike Ofca of Innovation Studios. This album is jam packed with a sinew of blazing harmonic riffs, melodically overpowering vocals, and ground-shaking drums. This composition takes the mixture of hard rock and metal to the next level by slamming melodies together with earth shaking riffs and beats. “SleepWalker” is not like anything that you have heard or experienced. You’ll find it impossible to not bang your head on every track.


This album is taking on more media than just music. It holds a dark story that is the beginning of NeverWake’s semi-conceptual series. The tracks are twisted and puzzled not accordingly to the story. The real track listing will be revealed here on the official NeverWake website followed by the narrative into which the music fits. So enter if you’d like to be a part of this twisted journey. There’s much to be revealed…