Overture – Coscienza Cibernetica

Digital: $1.50

Music: Simone Meli and Overture
Lyrics: Simone Desogus


The song Coscienza Cibernetica expresses the current events of this millennium, a modern man a reminder of humanity slipping into dehumanization. A man/woman (who is the true protagonist of the book that will accompany the album) “sottomesso”, “prigioniero” of an electronic conscience in which one lives “marginalized”. In the song we go through and show the suffering of this technological and alienating solitude, the false “knowledge” that flaunts itself hidden behind screens and which, usually, does not exist or does not match reality. To then shout that man is and always remains “figlio della terra”, words that connect to the other songs present in the concept album entitled “A mezz’aria sul tempo”, with compositions that cross Head and Heart, Man and Earth , Nature and Humanity.