Pryzme – Four Inches

CD: $14 Digital: $10

1. Fusion 07:39
2. Vision 05:20
3. After Witchita 08:39
4. Nothing To Say 06:08
5. Pretty Princess 08:07
6. The Ride Of Your Life 07:52
7. Morning Song 06:53
8. Four Inches 13:49


Four inches is a self-produced album that represents the culmination of several years of work.

It is a starting point that now allows Pryzme to exist in the world of prog rock.
The 8 titles of the album are a mixture of many influences which make music accessible both to lovers of the genre but also to new ears who did not necessarily know this style of music. It’s a very open album.

The recording was made under special conditions. The members of the band had to go all together in the studio but the session was stopped dead because of the confinement. The recording took longer than expected. Apart from Pretty Princess which could be recorded live, the sessions were very cut out. The mix was also delayed for the same reasons. This is also an opportunity to thank once again the work done by Clément Champigny and Jérome Acquiers from studio 123, who did a remarkable job in terms of mixing given the complexity of the arrangements and the

Recommended if you like Freedomto Glide, Lonely Robot, RPWL, Big Big Train and Steven Wilson