Scarlet Hollow – What If Never Was

CD: $ 12: Digital: $ 7


1. The Path 07:02
2. Apathy’s Child 04:00
3. Thermal Winds 04:41
4. Around The Bend 11:05
5. The Waiting 05:17
6. Behind The Lines 03:38
7. All That Remains 05:41
8. As The Blade Falls 06:16 video
9. 20 20 04:41
10. Nightfall Overture 07:25


A great offering from Melodic Revolution Records and one of my top-10 in 2012. Rockin’ highlights: Thermal Winds, As the Blade Falls. Proggin’ (and overall) highlights: Around the Bend, All that Remains
– aapatsos Prog Archives

Scarlet Hollow is…
Allison Vonbuelow : Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, synths, and mellotron.
Gregg Olson : Electric Guitars
Jeff Mack : Bass Guitars
Diego Grom Meraviglia: Drums and Percussion

All songs were written & performed by
Allison VonBuelow : Vocals, Lyrics, and Acoustic Guitars
Gregg Olson : Electric Guitars, Synths, and Percussion Programing
Jeff Mack : Bass and bass pedals
Diego “GROM” Meraviglia : Drums and Percussion

Produced, Recorded, and Mixed by Gregg Olson at The Alien Workshop
Mastered by Gregg Olson, and Ian Shepherd at Mastering Media In the U.K
Original cover art by Jerry Mack